Property Casualty Digest is looking for an individual to help expand itís audience base, by creating original content, as well as posting articles from other sources.

The position would be most suitable to someone who:

1)   Is a retiree from the P/C industry, looking for a challenge and able to work from home for a few hours a day to supplement an existing income

2)   Is based somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area or surrounding areas

3)   Has high speed internet connection.

4)   Has good writing skills- clear, concise, topical content

5)   Knows or can learn issues important to P/C industry

6)   Is Favourably known in the industry

7)   Able to use WORD, or other word processing program

8)   Capable of learning a simple web program to post articles

9)   Willing to Travel and attend industry functions as required

Other candidates who do not meet the above suitability level will also be considered based on their own backgrounds.

The job may include an ownership position in Property Casualty Digest for the successful candidate.

Please respond, in confidence, to Allan Luby